What is Guarana?

When it comes to energy drinks, we often hear the word ‘guarana’ thrown around as an addition, but what is guarana, and does it genuinely help us with increased energy? Or is it all just for hype?

Guarana, or ‘Paullinia cupana’ as it’s referred to by its botanical name, is a climbing plant  native to the Amazon Basin, where the seeds of the plant are roasted (similarly to coffee beans) to create a stimulant drink that is widely popular in South America.

Guarana naturally has approximately three times more caffeine content than coffee, and has a scent somewhat similar to coffee beans, however the guarana aroma is a lot more subtle.

Are there real benefits of Guarana?

Guarana whilst being newer to usage in Western nations, it has been traditionally used by native communities of the Amazon region for centuries.

In today’s modern era it is largely produced for use in energy drinks, with approximately 30% of the production used to create guarana powders. This is what is used in our Wakey Wakey gummies and also the effervescents, dissolving in water for an instant power hit.

Not only does guarana have proven ability as a stimulant, (the usage most are familiar with) but it also has been shown to have many other beneficial properties. Here are a few of the many scientifically proven benefits of the incredible guarana plant, that you may not already know about.

1. Guarana is an antioxidant

Guarana is jam-packed of antioxidant properties. In fact, it includes a similar antioxidant profile to that of green tea. It’s many properties include theobromine, tannins, saponins, catechins and caffeine.

The benefits of antioxidants include that it may help to assist in neutralizing free radicals and other potentially harmful molecules within the body.


2. May improve the appearance of skin

Did you know that guarana is not only a common ingredient in beverages, but in skincare and cosmetics as well?

Due to studies on Guarana containing both antimicrobial and antioxidant properties, it is often seen in anti-ageing products and believed to help the overall appearance of the skin.

Given its caffeine contents, it assists with blood flow to the skin, helping to create a more youthful, dewy glow.

Not only is it a popular skincare ingredient, but studies have shown that guarana may even reduce signs of ageing such as skin sagging, improving tightness and minimising wrinkles!


3. Guarana contains antibacterial properties

Guarana contains many compounds that may even inhibit or kill harmful bacteria.

Although many bacteria are harmless, guarana has been known to reduce or even kill Escherichia coli (E. coli) that can be found in the intestines.

These antibacterial properties are believed to be brought about due to the combination of both caffeine and catechins found within the naturally found plant.

Could Guarana be bad for you?

As a stimulant, guarana is often quite misunderstood. But is it possible that it’s bad for you?

As with any natural substance, it is to be taken in moderation and only as recommended.

Similarly to caffeine, if Guarana is overused it may cause undesired symptoms if consumed in excessively high doses.  These symptoms may include things such as increased heart rate, nervousness and shakiness. As a stimulant it speeds up the nervous system, causing these responses with inappropriate usage. However, guarana is a natural plant and is scientifically proved to be absolutely safe when used as directed.

So, how much guarana is safe to consume?

We’re so glad you asked! When it comes to Wakey Wakey our recommended dosage is no more than 2 effervescent tablets per day (Within a 24hr period) and at least 3 hours between each effervescent.

When it comes to our Wakey Wakey gummies, as these contain a smaller dosage of 15mg of caffeine and guarana they can be consumed more often. The gummies can be taken up to five times per day, to tailor your wakefulness whenever you need it, to get you through.

Guarana truly is an incredible plant with so many amazing qualities and benefits. Not just an energy source as it so commonly known but an antioxidant with antibacterial properties, that may even improve the skin’s appearance. Try it for yourself today in Wakey Wakey effervsecents and gummies, now available in store at your local Chemist Warehouse, Coles and other leading pharmacies.


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