Effervescence is another word for fizz, the bubbles that you find in a drink. They’re now on the market in multivitamins, supplements and now in Wakey Wakey – an energy-boosting mix of vitamins and caffeine! So what are effervescent tablets? In short, effervescents are tablets that you drop into drinks which release bubbles as they quickly dissolve, leaving you with a vitamin-enriched beverage.

Faster absorption

So why is that better than just taking tablets? It’s simple. When you drop an effervescent tablet into a drink, it dissolves, meaning half the work of your stomach is already done. Now when you consume the drink, it’s much easier for your body to absorb all the good stuff, and absorb it completely. Along with this immediate absorption, effervescents act faster. Your body reaps the benefits faster than it would with a normal tablet, which your body first has to break down. And with Wakey Wakey caffeine effervescents that’s definitely a bonus, so you can get a boost in energy right when you need it!

Easier to swallow, literally!

For the tablet-shy, effervescent tablets are a great alternative. They dissolve in liquid, so they’re easier to swallow, while offering the same (or greater!) benefits that you’d get from a tablet. And because they dissolve completely and easily, and come in delicious flavours, you’ll never have to swallow a lumpy medicinal drink while holding back tears.

Hydration station!

Finally, because effervescents dissolve in liquid, they give you the added bonus of hydration. With a Wakey Wakey effervescent tablet you’ll consume a whole extra glass of enriched water or juice, which is especially helpful when you need to stay focused and might forget to drink water! 

So get on board with caffeine effervescents today and feel the benefits as Wakey Wakey gets you ahead of your game in no time!