Most of us consume caffeine every day without thinking about it, even just in small amounts. But knowledge is power, so it’s time to start thinking about it, because paying attention to your body is how you can make the most of it and reach greater heights.

What is caffeine?

So let’s get back to basics. When you think of caffeine you probably think coffee. Caffeine is a natural stimulant, found in the seeds, nuts and leaves of many different plants, most commonly coffee. And as a stimulant, it speeds up the messages travelling between the brain and the body, so your thought processes, alertness and reaction times are heightened. That’s why many people rely on a cup of coffee to wake up and get ready for the day.

Where can you find it?

Like any substance, the effects of caffeine differ depending on the dose, and I’m not just talking about a double-shot of espresso! Caffeine is also naturally found in tea leaves, cacao beans and chocolate, Cola acuminata seeds and soft drinks, and Paullinia cupana, which is known as guarana in snack bars and energy drinks. And all of these differ, in their doses and benefits.

How much caffeine?

You can expect to get about 40mg of caffeine from one cup of coffee, 11mg from one cup of tea, and 43mg in a 100g bar of dark chocolate. But things differ greatly between energy and soft drinks which are often known to contain loads of sugars. If you’ve ever hit the 3pm slump, you probably know what sugar cravings feel like, but it’s become a well-known fact that sugar doesn’t do much for energy, actually making your slump worse after a short boost. That’s why caffeine gummies and caffeine effervescents that are tailored to increase mental stamina will do more for you than a simple energy drink.

Wakey Wakey effervescent gives you 100mg of caffeine, while our gummies hit you with 15mg, so you’ve got a range of energy boosts to take you through the day, depending on your needs. We’ve got you covered, so you can stay focused and achieve more!